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August 19, 2019 (Monday)

Today’s our flight to Thailand and we were very early to arrive at the airport in Manila. Our original departure time is 7:30 am and Cebu Pacific attendants announced that our flight was delayed and so it was moved to 11:00 am. We were exhausted by the trip from La Union to Manila and now... Continue Reading →

My Unforgettable Travels

September 1, 2019 (Sunday). Teacher Nui, Teacher Napalai gave us a short tour around Lampang. Two teachers from Ban Pongsanook gave us short tours around Lampang. We went to Hug You farm to see the sheep, rabbits, geese, birds, goats and horse. We also tried their milk tea which is made from Sheep's milk. We... Continue Reading →

My Teaching Practice

My first day of teaching Health in my MEP 1 class. It was overwhelming. My students are bounded with curiosity and ethusiasm. Procedures of teaching I always start with motivations. I play songs through the internet and projects in on the screen. After that I review the students if they remember the lessons we had... Continue Reading →

My Teaching Plan

My teaching plan in Listening and Speaking 1. In our first week of observation, we also learned how to construct our own lesson plan for the different subjects that we must teach. I was given four subjects to teach: Health, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing and English. I was not required to make a... Continue Reading →

Teaching Observation

James, Me, and Chi: while observing Teacher Joe. Teacher Joe teaches English class in Ban Pongsanook School. He came from Australia. He is an effective teacher because he gets the class’ attention very easily. He uses humor while teaching that makes students get interested in the subject. Moreover, he uses the student’s book and workbook... Continue Reading →

SEA- Teacher Batch 8 – 2019 in Lampang, Thailand

SEA- Teachers with mentors from Lampang Rajabhat University and cooperating teachers from the respective schools: Anuban Lampang School and Ban Pongsanook School The SEA Teacher Project or the “Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia” is a project that aims to provide opportunity for pre-service student teachers from universities in Southeast Asia to have teaching... Continue Reading →

Ban Pongsanook School

The school has two programs: the normal program and the Mini English Program (MEP). MEP classes caters students to learn the English Language from Native and Second Language speakers. The classrooms are equipped with technology that are useful in classroom activities like computer, speaker, microphone, and overhead projector. Each classroom provides enough materials for students... Continue Reading →


A note from the blogger: Greetings Dear Reader! Sawasdee Kha! Kumusta? I am Dia Joza Avena Fabella. An AB English Language student of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University - South La Union Campus, Agoo La Union. I am from the Philippines. I applied for the SEAMEO Project to be a student-teacher exchange Batch 8.... Continue Reading →

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