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My Unforgettable Travels

Two teachers from Ban Pongsanook gave us short tours around Lampang. We went to Hug You farm to see the sheep, rabbits, geese, birds, goats and horse. We also tried their milk tea which is made from Sheep’s milk. We experienced giving food to the animals. After that, we went to a temple which is so beautiful. We then had dinner at Aroy One Baht, a restaurant overlooking the street going to Kad Kong Ta. It rained so we transferred to a table inside the restaurant. I love the foods especially.

Me, James and Chi together with some teachers in Ban Pongsanook went for an excursion in Chiang Mai. We went to fetch some teachers in Alpine Golf Resort ChiangMai and ate breakfast there. Then we went to a Doi Chaang Mae Rim café for our Lemon Tea, then to Mae Sa Elephant Camp and finally we went to their famous walking market where you can see a lot of tempting souvenirs waiting for me to buy.

Well, I bought a lot of pasalubong (means gift in Filipino) there for my family, teachers, classmates and friends.

We arrived home at night.


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