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Teaching Observation

James, Me, and Chi: while observing Teacher Joe.

Teacher Joe teaches English class in Ban Pongsanook School. He came from Australia.

He is an effective teacher because he gets the class’ attention very easily. He uses humor while teaching that makes students get interested in the subject. Moreover, he uses the student’s book and workbook very well which makes the students understand more the topics. He also uses worksheets as his basis for evaluation as well as some board games to enhance the students’ cooperativeness in the lessons. He also makes use of the white board to let the students understand more what he discussed and the overhead projector to let the students follow through the instructions given for the book and worksheets.

Teacher Joe’s lesson plan in English

Another foreign teacher I observed was Teacher Wayne. He is from South Africa. He uses the same techniques like Teacher Joe. Sometimes he uses art as his way of engaging the students in learning the subject.

Teacher Wayne was one of the foreign teacher who helped and observed me during my final teaching demo. Most of the time, he was the one observing me in my teaching days in MEP 1 class.

I can still remember when I had my final demo teaching where I taught different kinds of habitats. He said that the lesson I taught was the best of all the lessons I gave. It was a life changing part in me because his kind words gavd me hope and made me want to teach more. Sadly, I was just given two weeks to teach. I hope someday I could teach my students and give them lessons that would be useful in everyday life.

Teacher Wayne’s lesson plan in English

One person I could always talk to was Teacher Chelsea. She is also a foreign teacher from Australia. I always seek advice from her. I ask her tips and tricks on how to handle and teach the subjects that I was assigned to. She even lent me her flashcards which I was able to use when teaching listening and speaking subjects.

Teacher Chelsea’s lesson plan in Listening and Speaking

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