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August 19, 2019 (Monday)

Today’s our flight to Thailand and we were very early to arrive at the airport in Manila. Our original departure time is 7:30 am and Cebu Pacific attendants announced that our flight was delayed and so it was moved to 11:00 am. We were exhausted by the trip from La Union to Manila and now we are going to wait 8 hours in the airport.

Gladly, Cebu Pacific gave us complimentary meals and we ate lunch before departing. The flight was 3 hours long since the time between Manila and Bangkok has one hour difference.

Finally, we arrived Bangkok around 2 pm and met LPRU’s coordinator Ms. Ying with our fellow SEA-Teachers from Vietnam and Indonesia. We had a stop over on the way to eat dinner. It is my first time to eat Thai food and it is so “Aroy Mak” (means delicious in Thai) even though the level of spiciness is so high.

It took us 9 hours from Bangkok to Lampang, Thailand. We arrived at our dormitory and the landlady sent us to our designated rooms for the rest of our stay here in Thailand. Everyone was so exhausted and finally we called it a day.


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