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My Teaching Practice

  • Procedures of teaching

I always start with motivations. I play songs through the internet and projects in on the screen. After that I review the students if they remember the lessons we had on the previous day. I start asking simple questions. When I teach I sometimes use students’ book and project it on the board so the students can follow through with me. After that I will either give application and evaluation through reviews, recitations, board games or worksheets.

  • Time management and organizing activities

I had a time when I exceeded 1 hour. But, I plan ahead before my lessons and sometimes I cannot control how my students do their activities. Doing worksheets sometimes makes use of a maximum of 30 minutes and more.Sometimes I also end my class on time.

  • Problem-solving

My mentor advised me to get my students attention through effective shout outs and it helped. I ask them if they are ready, and must ethusiastically respond with “Yes!!!”.

  • Classroom management

I teach in MEP 1 class (Mini English Program 1). I teach 6-year-old students, it can be normal when they get so noisy and naughty. Sometimes they don’t listen when I talk in front but I get their attention by asking something about the lesson. To my surprise, some students did listen to my lectures.


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