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My Teaching Plan

My teaching plan in Listening and Speaking 1.

In our first week of observation, we also learned how to construct our own lesson plan for the different subjects that we must teach. I was given four subjects to teach: Health, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing and English. I was not required to make a lesson plan for Health. But for the rest, I was given the task to do it. Compared to the lesson plan in Philippines, lesson plan in Lampang, Thailand is more easy and not complicated. As long as you put the main objectives for the lesson of the day, everything is good.

My lesson plans were basically my guiding plans for my two weeks of teaching in Ban Pongsanook school. There are times that I would still look back to it so that I could teach my lessons well. There are times when I need to make changes especially when I still need to emphasize previous lessons so that my students could really understand the lessons more.

It is indeed easy to make plans by the the given format but what made it difficult for me is when I need to revise some lessons plans where students need to learn the same lesson for the next meeting we meet and change some objectives to make it more effective.


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